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2019 International Mold and 3D Printing Exhibition, Anet is waiting for you at C23

DateTime: 2019-03-09
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The upcoming 2019 will be a wonderful year, as the Guangzhou International Mould Exhibition will be unveiled from March 10th to 12th, 2019. In Asia, all manufacturing industries see the show as an annual event.

皇冠足彩The majority of visitors to the show are manufacturing companies whose manufacturing areas include automotive, electronics, 3D printing products, household appliances, aircraft and related components, shipbuilding, telecommunications, consumer goods and medical equipment. During the three-day exhibition, the exhibition welcomed a total of 25,521 professional visitors and more than 218 audience delegations (including SIAF2018), including Colgate, Epson, FAW-Volkswagen, Osram, Emerson, Foxconn, Guangqi Honda, BYD Auto, Zhuhai Gree Well-known brands such as Electrical Appliances, Youni Stamping, Midea Group, Esquel Textile, Anet, etc. once again demonstrate the importance of Guangzhou International Mould Exhibition Zone to regional development.

Anet leads the 3D printing industry with quality products and comprehensive services. This exhibition exhibited a variety of new products. Product details are as follows:

2019 International Mold and 3D Printing Exhibition, Anet is waiting for you at C23

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