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3D Printing will Reshape the Advertising Font Printing Industry

DateTime: 2018-11-12
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3D Printing will Reshape the Advertising Font Printing Industry

As an information dissemination activity, advertising has many major innovations and changes in content, form and communication. A successful advertising logo needs unique, eye-catching and visual shock, but the traditional logo mode cannot achieve the desired 3D effect. For the advertising logo industry, 3D printing has the advantages of short production cycle, simple process, low labor, low production cost and fast delivery. It can quickly produce advertising signs, and this subversive meaning will be given to advertising. The logo industry injects new vitality.

Cases of the successful 3D printing advertising signs can be seen everywhere。 For example, in the "Always working" series, McDonald's used a 3D printer to print the farm scenes displayed in the commercials。 In addition to this advertisement, McDonald's also used a 3D printer to print a doll called Juliet, which was assembled from 3D printed parts。 McDonald's has introduced this high-tech of 3D printing in advertising。

For the illuminating advertising words, 3D printing has the characteristics of labor saving, low cost, many changes, strong sense of science and technology, etc., which can easily solve the problem that the tricky and even the traditional methods can not be solved in the customized advertising label.

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